Vehicle owners should be cautious


The police quickly respond to appeals in connection with the disclosure of crimes related to robbery of vehicles. Thanks to the operational-search measures conducted using advanced methodological forensic methods, this year 143 cases were disclosed in the capital. For each fact, the whereabouts and the identity of the suspects were transferred to the investigation.

Our field of activity is not limited to the prevention and disclosure of crimes. Along with the disclosure of crime, the main criterion for us is the expansion of preventive measures. We conduct analytical analyzes and investigations, develop preventive measures and direct them to execution. The main goal is to educate residents of the capital.

Generalizations show that vehicles are mainly robbed because of the victim behavior of their owner (conditions created by the victim to commit a crime). It also depends on the attitude of the owner of the property to his property. It is observed that vehicle owners park their cars mainly on unprotected, unlit streets, or outside the coverage of the Safe City cameras, on streets with less traffic.

Given all this, when parking vehicles, drivers must adhere to elementary rules, take into account victimological conditions and not store any values in the interior of their cars.

Providing control over the disclosure, prevention and investigation of illegal actions in the capital, including the facts of prepared and committed crimes, the Baku city MPD, led by the Minister of Internal Affairs, monitors the adoption of measures in this direction by all the necessary operational-search services, as well as the district police departments.