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On May 28, 1918, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been established as a part of 9 ministries within the composition of the first national government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

On May 29, previous existing IAB (internal affairs body) was released at all places, instead initial structures of new Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as Baku IAB and their heads were determined.
To maintain stability and to achieve law and rules for joint residence, to protect life and property of the citizens regardless of their religious affiliation, to fight against any internal and external forces trying to encroach integrity, sovereignty and independence of the country are the first and foremost task of the IAB.
New IAB newly established in place of the released one took control of Baku and its surroundings.

On June 17, the second government cabinet was established. This government cabinet consisted of 13 ministries. Behbudagha Javanshirli was appointed the Ministry of the Internal Affairs. Baku Police Mastership Department was united with Balakhani-Sabunchu Police Mastership Department when she was in power.
This was chiefly associated with the nationalization of the oil industry. The majority of criminals were Armenians during this period.  The most of them were engaged in cutting counterfeit money.

On April 27, 1920 Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, being 23 months in power, was overthrown by the Bolsheviks. All police bodies in the Republic, including Baku police is reestablished and “Police” is substituted by “Militia”. Though new militia bodies were established, the duties of the police bodies did not change. Hanifa Huseynova was the national Chief of Baku IAB. In 1991 the Republic of Azerbaijan regained its independence for the second time; IAB was reestablished those who worked there were called “Police”.

More than 350 employees of Baku Police Garrison in the fight bravely against fascism demonstrating courage and heroism in 1941-45 and were awarded with high-level orders and medals.

After the commencement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, Baku city Internal Affairs Bodies lost 31 employees, 3 people got lost, 150 employees have been disabled in the battles for the independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. 1726 people participated in the battles.

5 employees of Baku Police Garrison were given the rank of the “National Hero of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, 35 employees were awarded with “Azerbaijani flag” order, and 120 employees have been awarded various orders and medals for their sacrifices by the orders or decrees of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for distinguishing in the battles for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in ensuring the safety of population, in combating crime, especially in the protection of public safety, for their courage in the performance of service duties.