Traffic safety

                                                                                      Kids, attention!!!

Baku city MPD STP Department and Extracurricular Upbringing Work Center No. 46 of Baku City Education Department celebrates November 21, World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims since 1991 in order to ensure traffic safety and enhance public awareness according to the joint plan of action.

The purpose of celebration of the event is to support, materially and morally, people who were disabled at accidents and attract public attention to this issue by commemorating those who died in road accident.

In the center juveniles with representatives of the department of preventive work, members of the Baku Education Department, responsible persons of the Baku State Traffic Police Office, children and teachers of school, preschool and nonschool institutions, parents and Mass Media Representatives urged everyone to follow the laws, relatives of the victims of traffic accidents brought the severity of the tragedy to the attention event participants.