Joint information of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs


As a result of joint investigative and operational-search measures, the disclosure of a particularly serious crime committed and closed 29 years ago was ensured.

Thus, despite the initiation of a criminal case and the conduct of an investigation under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, the proceedings were terminated due to the impossibility of identifying the person who committed the crime about the discovery of the body of Fikrat Ibrahimov with gunshot wounds in his apartment on november 26, 1993.
After a second consideration of the criminal case by the prosecutor’s office of the Narimanov district, the proceedings were resumed.

Evidence obtained as a result of numerous operational-search activities carried out by the prosecutor’s office and the police established that Nazim Bayramov, a colleague of the victim, came to the house of Fikrat Ibrahimov and, having quarreled with him because of the discontent that had arisen between them, snatched the gun from the victim’s hands and shot Fikrat Ibrahimov in the head and left the stage on November 26, 1993.

Nazim Bayramov was charged under Paragraph 2 of Article 94 of the Criminal Code (aggravated murder) which was in force until September 1, 2000 and Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code (illegal acquisition, distribution, sale, storage, transportation of firearms, their components, ammunition, explosives and devices) which is currently in force on October 28, 2022.
Criminal investigation continues.