In Baku, a person was detained for stealing from taxi drivers.


Taxi drivers in Narimanov district of the capital were the victims of fraud. Five individuals involved in the taxi industry in the district filed an application with the 16th Police Department of the Narimanov District Police Department, claiming that a customer gave them 50 and 100 manat bills marked "untrusted" and took the rest of the money instead. Hafiz Mahmudov, born in 1983 and previously convicted, was detained as a result of the operational measures carried out by the department's employees. During his examination, bogus 50, 100, and 200 manat banknotes were discovered and confiscated, which he utilised while committing fraud. Cameras put in the vicinity documented the acts of the person who defrauded taxi drivers.
Shahniyar Huseynov, a capital resident who stole 2072 manats from a safe in one of the administrative area's clothes stores, was also caught as a consequence of another operational action carried out by employees of 16th Police Department of the Narimanov District Police Department. This person's theft was also captured on video by the clothes store's security cameras. H.Mahmudov and Sh.Huseynov may have committed identical crimes in different parts of Baku. If other citizens are affected by their illegal conduct, they can apply to the police.