In Khatai district, about 10 kilograms of drugs were withdrawn from illegal trafficking


In Khatai district, operations were carried out against persons who organized the sale of drugs. During the actions carried out by the Anti-Narcotics Division of the Khatai District Police Department, as well as the employees of the local police departments and divisions, citizens of the capital Afig Guliyev born in 1990, Ramila Gurbanova born in 2001 and Nijat Aliyev born in 1987 were detained. About 10 kilograms of heroin, marijuana, psychotropic methadone pills and methamphetamine were found from these people. Detainees stated that they obtained the drugs from Iranian citizens they did not know on social media, with the aim of selling them online in the territory of capital.

Also, during the series of operations carried out by the department staff in November-December, 43 people were detained who organized an “opium den” in several apartments located in the district and were engaged in illegal drug trafficking.
Measures to fight against illegal drug trafficking and other crimes in the territory of Khatai district by the police officers are continuing.