A board meeting was held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs


On January 23, the Ministry of Internal Affairs held an extended meeting of the board covering the results of activities to combat crime, protect public order and ensure public safety in 2023, as well as the tasks of the Ministry for the current year.

Opening the meeting with an introductory speech, Minister Colonel General Vilayat Eyvazov noted that in 2023, the year of the solemn celebration of the 100th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, multiple crucial events took place in the country including the restoration of the sovereignty of Azerbaijan throughout the country.
The Minister stressed that after the victory under the leadership of President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev in the Patriotic War, started on September 27, 2020 in response to the continuous military provocations of Armenia, as well as after the liberation of Khankendi, Khojaly, Aghdara and other territories from the enemy as a result of local anti-terrorist measures carried out on September 19-20 last year, the police and internal troops serving in Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur perform their tasks, ensure security, working hard to implement the "Great Return" program.
The Minister noted that 12 military servants and 8 police officers were killed during anti-terrorist activities and offered to honour their memory.

Minister V.Eyvazov stressed in his report that 36,811 crimes were registered in 2023 over all state structures involved in intelligence-gathering and investigative activities, 87.8 percent of them were solved, and the number of crimes amounted to 360 facts for every 100,000 people. 89.6 percent of crimes were solved, 94.5 percent or 34,783 of which are offenses investigated in a procedural manner by the internal affairs bodies and the prosecutor's office.
89.6 percent of grave and especially grave crimes, 84.6 percent of crimes committed under unclear circumstances, 98.4 percent of crimes against the person, including 96.1 percent of premeditated murders, 97.4 percent of attempted murders, 98.9 percent of voluntary infliction of grievous bodily harm, 96.3 percent of hooliganism, 79.6 percent of crimes against property, including 98.1 percent of robberies, 97.5 percent of burglary and extortion, 97.2 percent of carjackings, and 92.1 percent of fraud were solved. And the results of solving petty theft improved by 3.6 percent reaching 84.5 percent. 4,324 people who committed grave and especially grave crimes were detained, 254 criminal groups were neutralized.

At the same time, emphasizing the significant progress made in solving cold cases from previous years along the staff of the prosecutor's office, the perpetrators of 426 crimes have been brought to justice, including a large amount of work towards such important tasks as the prevention and investigation of grave, especially grave and transnational organized crimes, as well as crucial results in the fight against religious radicalism achieved in close cooperation with the State Security Service, the Minister expressed gratitude to the staff and leadership of these state bodies.
The criminal tracking indicators also improved by 2.3 percent reaching 87.8 percent, the whereabouts of 108 persons from the international wanted list through the National Central Bureau of Interpol and 53 persons wanted by the member countries of this organization were located.
494 facts of illegal possession and carrying of firearms were revealed, 262 people were detained for these crimes. A total of 12,648 firearms and about 2.5 million rounds of ammunition were found.
3,487 units of counterfeit banknotes of various denominations, 6310 tons of food products and expired building materials were seized from illegal turnover.

Referring to the situation with the drug control, Minister V. Eyvazov positively assessed the work done in recent years in this field. He noted that 4 tons 464 kilograms were seized from illicit trafficking, that is, 1 ton 46 kilograms more than in 2022, 620 kg of drugs were prevented from being smuggled into the country, 366 facts of online sale were revealed and 160 criminal groups associated with the relevant crimes were neutralized. The Minister expressed gratitude to the citizens for their participation in the fight against this type of crime, the information provided by them and used in many operations with positive outcome.

Also, considering the importance of anti-drug propaganda among adolescents and young people, he gave instructions on the course and focus of such measures, the activities to reduce drug demand in the country.  
Over the reporting year, 5,389 citizens have been received, including 3,823 from 60 cities and regions of the country with preliminary notification in the media, and most of the issues they raised were resolved on the spot. At the same time, the appeals received by the Ministry were studied and appropriate measures were taken.
The speakers told about the work done, the successes achieved, as well as the shortcomings and the measures taken to eliminate them.
Summarizing the results of the board meeting, Minister Colonel-General V. Eyvazov stressed the positive outcome in the crime prevention, the law and order enforcement, gave instructions and recommendations for further improvement of the efficiency.

Recalling that the satisfaction of citizens is one of the main tasks set by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the Minister demanded a more sensitive approach to the prevention and detection of crimes, compensation for material damage caused by illegal actions, consideration and acceptance of appeals.
Drawing attention to the vehicle congestion in the capital and their occurrence, the Minister demanded to combat them along with relevant structures, including illegal parking, stops or parking lots creating obstacles for free, comfortable and safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

He stressed the need to introduce modern technologies and expand electronification in management, provide apartments and facilities belonging to legal entities and individuals with security alarm systems, reliable protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of all people, and more professional police service to the population as a whole.
Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov expressed deep gratitude to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev for special attention and care for the internal affairs bodies, trust in the activities of the personnel and assured that the tasks towards maintaining order, security, and law in the country will be continued with exceptional enthusiasm and commitment.