Repeatedly convicted, but beyond repair, crime network for several days was working on a new plan. Address was known. The raid was to be made on the house of a wealthy citizen, crushed, and in case of showing resistance, the owner had to be killed. The plan was simple and terrible, but did not work. Prompt intervention of the police, turned everything upside down ...

Four members of the group, consisting of five people, have been more prudent. They trusted each other and made plans for even greater crimes. And this plan they created patiently, and to avoid criminal prosecution of police have established ways to retreat. For a while they did not appear together, and met only at night at the appointed places. But man proposes and God disposes.

The operational information about these plans, addresses, and directions was received in the Criminal Intelligence (Investigation) Department of the Main Police Department of Baku city and it was immediately confirmed. There was no time. Crime network had to be taken under the operational control; the crime should have been prevented. Metropolitan Police, aiming to prevent a crime, has produced rapid and urgent actions and took control of the places that could be visited by criminals.

On the night of November the 10th near the "January 20" circle the movement of the members of a criminal network that has fallen under the operational supervision, didn't escape the attention of the police. It seems that fact is confirmed. A few hours later criminal gang were to break into a house selected in advance, putting pressure on tenants, and stealing the valuable jewelry and large sums of money allegedly possessed in the house.

Extending the urgent special investigation activities the group of operative search of MPD of Baku city has involved in the territory the employees of the 29th Police Station of Police Department of Yasamal district, and detained a group suspected of preparing an armed attack - residents of Baku Rahib Huseynov, born in 1986, previously convicted Elshan Rahimov, born in 1967, Natig Yusifov, born in 1977, Nahid Allahverdiev, born in 1991, and Jallad Ismailov, born in 1981. And according to the operational activities, it was found that the detainees were planning to commit a robbery, attacking the apartment, located in Khatai district, at night time.
During the inspection were found and seized: 0,175 grams of heroin, 1 pair of gloves, 1 knife, for use as a cold weapon at E.Rahimov, 0.176 grams of heroin, 1 knife, for use as a cold weapon at N.Yusifov , 0.178 grams of heroin, 1 "Baikal" MK 654 air pistol, 1 knuckles for use as a cold weapon, 1 cap with holes, to be used as a mask at N.Allahverdiyev, 0.170 grams of heroin, 1 knife for use as a cold weapon, one cap with holes, for use as a mask at R.Huseynov, 0.161 grams of heroin and 1 knife for use as a cold weapon at J.Ismailov. 

During the investigation it was found that the crime plan was prepared by the activist of the group Elshan Rahimov. He instructed his friend, Natig Yusifov to find a house suitable to commit robbery. A few days later, after the observation Natig Yusifov showed Elshan Rahimov a house, located in Khatai district.

Members of the group arrived at night to the house with a pneumatic pistol, knuckles, masks, gloves and sticky tape. Wearing masks, they would proceed to attack. However, police passed them ahead. 
A criminal case was initiated under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, the investigation continues. Other crimes of the gang members are investigated.