The memory of victims of tragedy of 20th January considered to be one of the worst crimes against humanity committed in the history of mankind was commemorated with great respect in Baku city Main Police Department.  At first, the participants of the ceremony held on January 19 and dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the tragedy honoured the memory of the tragedy victims with a moment of silence.
The chief of the Main Department speaking at the ceremony, Police Major General Mirgafar Seyidov appreciated 20th January tragedy as an example of our people's struggle for freedom. Especially, it was pointed out that, the national liberation, armed reprisals against the civilians who fought for the country’s territorial integrity, killing and wounding hundreds of innocent people demonstrated once again  its criminal character on the eve of the collapse of the totalitarian Soviet regime. 

In the event, Senior Management Assistant of Head of Staff of the MPD Ali Valiyev made a wide speech  about  the reasons and  results of  tragedy of 20th January, a role of the  Azerbaijani people in the struggle for freedom. It was mentioned that, that bloody events are chronicles of heroism which demonstrate the bellicosity and pride of our nation striving for their freedom and independence. It was brought to the attention that, Bloody January tragedy was given political and legal assessment under the leadership of great Leader Heydar Aliyev.    
 On the  next  day of the 20th January tragedy Great leader Heydar Aliyev was the first person who contributed to the people in Moscow. On January 21, 1990 the Great Leader living in Moscow came to the Azerbaijan's Permanent Representation to Moscow putting his life under risk. Offered his condolences to the people in connection with the tragedy and  called offender  the Soviet power representatives who were  organizer of the terrorist attack in Baku under the  leadership of  Mikhail Gorbachev and historical crime  the  reprisals  committed by the  soldiers to the civilians. In the  commemorative event it was pointed out that glorious history of Azerbaijan, as well as the bloody pages should be always remembered and  passed on from generation to generation. The heroism, courage, unity and solidarity shown during the 20th January tragedy should be a pattern for every Azerbaijani!