Proactive measures are taken in the direction of preventing traffic and road accidents happening on the motor ways of the capital. To this end, on the night of January 16-17, the State Traffic Police Office of Baku City Main Police Department carried out a large-scale raid in the capital with the participation of media representatives and journalists. The actions were carried out especially against the drunk driving, violation of stopping, staying and parking rules  at influence zone of the traffic signs  on  the  streets and avenues  of  the  capital and  other serious  breaches as well as  preventive  discussions  were  held with the drivers.  The car drivers trying to avoid a “stop” command by the traffic police and to disobey a police officer were stopped making artificial density and administrative measures were taken about them.

According to the information provided by the Chief of Section of the SMPD, lieutenant colonel Vagif Asadov to the “Police”, 901 road -traffic accidents were recorded in Baku city last year.
Head of the Department stressed that, there are more than million   automobiles in the parking area of the Republic. Since more than half of the vehicles account for the capital, the increasing incidence of violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles in the recent years raises concerns. As a result of the remedial and preventive meas ures taken against the annually recorded road and traffic accidents, the fatal road traffic accidents reduced compared to the previous year, positive results were obtained in the field of determining the personality of drivers who fled the scene. As a consequence of the accidents happened last year, 313 persons died and 894 persons got injuries of varying severity.
In comparison with 2013, 110 accidents, 29deaths and 106 injuries reduced. The analysis  of downward trend  shows that the continuing of  preventive measures in this field  serve for instilling rule of law, enhancing the driver’s culture in society. The majority of the traffic accidents, circumstances of hitting pedestrians with the vehicles occur due to exceeding the speed limit, violations of overtaking and maneuvering rules by the drivers, breach of law by the pedestrians. The main purpose of carrying out regular raids in the capital territory is to provide road traffic safety and make the road traffic participants understand their responsibility.
More than 60 drunk drivers were detained during this raid. 7 drivers causing a real threat to people’s life due to reckless driving were determined and brought to administrative responsibility. Among the detained, there were drivers without a driving license and drunkards who presented themselves as “high level” persons. A driver who caused an accident or drunk driver who triggered the accident during the raid, offered different excuses to avoid punishment. Bu these pretexts could not exempt them from punishment. Of course, a penalty for those threatening the safety on the roads is evident as required by laws. When we forget it and drive the car relying upon not to the driving rules but to the reputation and position of some persons, a one step remains for a tragic conclusion. Petting and whim should not be allowed when sitting behind the wheel.

A police officer who put an end to the night adventures of the high-fed “children” committing reckless driving during the raid, prevented them from the dangerous actions due to the most stringent events and their cars were seized and taken to the parking. The slightest gaps and concession in such matters may cause to major disasters.  The main fact observed during the raids is that, the novice and inexperienced drivers tried to justify themselves instead of complying with the rules, provoked a traffic police and tended to illegal actions. Legal and cultural behavior of the police to these citizens was superior than all the punishments as well as indicator of high culture.