A wide operational meeting dedicated to the finals of 2014 was held on January 23 in the Baku city Head Police Office by the participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Colonel General Ramil Usubov.

Opening the meeting, the minister noted that our Republic develops rapidly and its international standing increases more under the leadership of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr.Ilham Aliyev.
It was stated that, although continuing reasonable measures in the direction of enforcement of duties defined by the law, as well as rights and freedoms of the citizens, attraction of the persons committed crimes to the criminal responsibility; errors were also made especially in management activity of metropolitan police.

The chief of Baku city Head Police Office, police major general Mirgafar Seyidov made a speech with a wide report about the measures taken and the duties set forth in the field of fighting crime, securing public order and safety, and in other fields of service activities during the reporting period.

He mentioned that, totally 11.635 criminal events were recorded in Baku city during the reporting period,  84,6% of them were less serious crimes and crimes non constituting great social threat.
Compared with the previous year, premeditated murders decreased by 3.4%, attempted murders decreased by 31,8%, rapes increased by 2,1 times, the facts of  kidnapping decreased by 6 times, intentional infliction  of serious bodily harm remained stable.

Detection   71,7%  of crimes, 75%  of grave types and  59% of crimes happened under uncertain conditions  was provided.
91% out of 1914 crimes against a person, including 91, 3% of premeditated murders and attempted murder were detected.

Compared to the previous period, detection of kidnapping improved by 30%; theft from the apartments by 5,5; vehicle burglary by18,4%; robbery by 8,7%; rapes by  13,1%; intentional infliction  of serious bodily harm by 2,9%; hooliganism by 2,2%; fatal road traffic  accident  by 0,5%.

The application of  modern  information technologies have been of great  importance  in the  crime  prevention and  detection. 2734 events  were   detected by the  “Safe City” officers of the  Main Department and  territorial police  authorities and  47  secret crimes were disclosed using the  archive materials.

73% of those wanted last year as accused persons, 60,7% of persons  wanted  due to  grave and especially grave crimes were detained.

Besides, 54 gangs consisting of 131 persons committed 59 robberies and assaults crime as well as 35 criminal gangs consisting of 86 persons committed 91 thefts at apartments were neutralized.  230 kilogram of narcotic drugs were removed from illicit trafficking on 1414 facts. In the reporting period, 81 firearms, including 36 submachine guns, 18 pistol, 23 rifles, 1 grenade dischargers, 3 machine guns, 101 grenades, 6 shells, 5195 fighting cartridges were  seized,  31 firearms were detected  through operations.

Sufficient works were done and positive results were obtained in the field of conducting investigation and examination of criminal cases in accordance with the legislation, ensuring traffic safety exemplary, issuance of ID cards to the population, approaching to the applications and complaints of the citizens with sensitivity, their reception and in other fields of service activities.

Head of the Head Office provided detailed information regarding the shortcomings during the operational and official activity, especially the duties set forth related to the improving of detention the percentage of the crimes which are lower than the Republic-wide indicators.

Speakers stated that the necessary measures would be taken for development of obtained positive results and at the same time prevention of shortcomings and shortages.

The minister finalizing the operational meeting positively appreciated the activities of police authorities of the capital in the field of fighting crime and securing the public security in 2014 and drew the attention of the participants of the meeting to the issues the settlement of which is important and gave his instructions and recommendations and indicated the ways of prevention of shortcomings.

He stressed that the management and organizational activities of the Baku city Main Police Department was examined, the  duties  of which results will be discusses at the  operational  meeting  under the  Minister were determined and that the planned  elimination  of  the  shortcomings detected are necessary.

Mr, Ramil Usubov required from the chiefs  of  the Main Department and  its structural bodies to improve  the  activity, increase the  quality  of  analytical work for strengthening the fight against crime, the establishment  of  management and  organizational activity at the  level of today’s demands, further strengthening of executive and service discipline.

At the same time, he noted that in order the authorities of internal affairs to perform their service duties successfully, the President of Azerbaijan Republic has established all conditions, the associates and military servants were covered with the special attention and care of the state. In response to this high confidence, an associate has to perform his duties exemplary, he has to serve to his fatherland, state and people properly.
The Minister of Internal Affairs Colonel General Ramil Usubov assured the president of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev that the authorities of internal affairs of the country, as well as the personnel of the Baku city Head Police Office will continue the struggle with resolvedly, and they will perform all tasks and duties set forth by the head of state in the direction of securing stability, safety, public order with responsibility a