On January 27, a wide- range Board meeting was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs dedicated to the finals of combating crime, protection of public order and the tasks set forth.

Opening the meeting with the  introductory speech, Ramil Usubov noted that, the year  of  2014 which we discuss official activities, was characterized by the country’s rapid development, increase of achievements in social and economic fields, upturn of  international reputation under the leadership of Mr.Presidetn Ilham Aliyev as well as  public order, stability and  internal  safety which create a basis for  the construction works and  development  processes have been protected reliably.
It was mentioned that, the duties arising from the decrees, orders, assignments of Mr.President, including the concerned plan and programs were implemented timely and completely. Our Republic  which  proves once again  the state  image with the high level of  tranquillity took the leading position  in CIS countries and  Eastern Europe  due  to  small number of crimes per 100 thousand population.

The application of the modern information technologies had also great importance in crime prevention, detection, protection the rights, lives and health of the persons suffered.

As a result of prompt response measures taken on the information received by “102” service, 11.706 unlawful actions were prevented which is 47% more than the compared period. 269 crimes were  detected due to the technical opportunities of  “Safe city” system, 12.771  road traffic accidents  and  the  fact  of hitting  pedestrians  were detected,  139 wanted cars  were detained. Approximately 600 thousand questions were responded through the single integrated information retrieval system.

It was  pointed  out  that  the  provision  of  punishment  inevitability for  the  committed  action should be controlled. The  results  of  the  persons  wanted were  improved 6,5% and  2193 persons  evading from  the investigation and  courts  were detained. A place of 73 persons wanted by the National Central Bureau of Interpol and 27 persons wanted by the member countries of these organizations was determined. In general, 67,7%  out  of  wanted persons  were detained.

The reporter  noted  that,  the  preventive measures carried out  in the field  of  provision  of road traffic safety  were observed in positive  results. Within the  framework  of  activity  on the provision  of the citizens  with the identity card 559 thousand young  generation  were issued  citizen passport and  165.565 persons were  issued identity cards.

Analogical activity   was  continued purposefully by our employees  in the  service centres   of State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovation (ASAN) .

It was pointed out that, due to the special attention and care paid by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev  continuously  improving and developing  Internal Troops stood bravely  on the  guard  of the public safety, military personnel actively participated in the fight against crime, measures to ensure public safety and special operations. The execution of necessary measures in the field of strengthening of the material-technical base, improving the combat capability of the commanders, management agencies and military units was provided.

The performance of the program tasks set forth by the President in the field of reception of the citizens and review of applications which are one of the priority areas of the official activity was always kept under the strict control.

Besides emphasizing the achievements gained, the Minister who brought to attention the shortcomings in the official activity drew the attention of the Board members to their comprehensive analysis, ways of removal, also, the tasks set forth.
Summarizing the meeting, Minister of Internal Affairs reminded of the instructions given by His Excellency in the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results  of  socioeconomic development in 2014 and challenges ahead  chaired by the  President  of  the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev on the improvement of the management  in each state agency. To achieve a high level execution of the demand of Mr. President, at first, the necessity of sequential implementation of the  establishment of service performance based on ensuring of customer satisfaction, reliable protection human rights and freedoms, strengthening the rule of law, expansion of public service functions, application of advanced technologies, increasing the  professional level of  personnel as primary targets. Speaking about the preparatory works for most important international event of the current year- the first European Games to be held in the capital, the Minister of Internal Affairs  pointed out that, 700 employees were involved in the  foreign language courses within the framework of the above-mentioned measures.

The importance of keeping the activity in the field of continuing the implementation of issues arising from the relevant Action Plan of MIA, at the same time, full provision of citizens having voting right with documents confirming the identity, also changing of the expired identity cards   related to the National Assembly (Milli Majlis) elections for coordination of activities of services, territorial authorities and active units responsible for  the  maintenance  of public order and security, efficient organization of interactions with event organizers, concerned government bodies, continuous monitoring of the operating conditions during the competitions was  underlined.

 The Minister, colonel general assured the President of the Azerbaijan Republic,  Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Mr. Ilham Aliyev  on behalf  of the  personnel of the internal affairs bodies that the employees and military personnel  will  mobilize all  their forces for  high level of  protection of public order in the country, implement  the  tasks, demands and  instructions set forth by His Excellency  regarding the  further strengthening the combat against crime, reliable  provision of the human rights and  freedoms, legitimate interests  of the citizens with  the sense  of  great  responsibility in 2015 and  serve decently  to  their Motherland, people and state.